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Huge thanks to Florida Ski Riders (@flskiriders) for inspiring our newest product! Your love for the…
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SandShark was established in November of 2009 by Duane and Susan Mattix. We loved to spend the weekends boating and at the beach and sandbar of the local lake. It made for great family times and fun activities for the weekend. We would try to anchor our boat at the beach and walk across the street to the fantastic RootBeer stand. When we would get to the stand, we could see our boat coming unanchored and crashing to the shore.

Duane wanted to solve this problem. Thus he set out to make an effective anchor for the shallow water, beaches, and sandbar so people and families could enjoy this time and not have to worry if their anchor was going to hold for the day! In 2016 we took on an Engineer and jet ski enthusiast Jeff Steinginger as a third partner. We have continued to design and refine new and effective marine products since our inception.