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SandShark Premium 7-21 Bungee Line

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SandShark Premium 7-21 Bungee Line
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About this item

  • Shock Absorbing: The bungee boat dock line absorbs the shock to your dock or anchors. These bungee dock lines for boats will give you peace of mind that your watercraft will stay put while anchored or docked!
  • Your Sand Shark Anchor will be most effective by reducing the "SHOCK" on your dock lines or anchor from the waves. These marine anchor lines for boats tie turn that "Hard-Snap" into a "Gentle-Pull".
  • Boat Dock Lines & Rope : The bungee line is hidden inside the ropes to act as a built-in dockline snubber. Anchor bungee rope for boat, "MUST HAVE" boating accessories and boat stuff! Secure your anchor pole with these boat bungee cords / bungee anchor rope for boat by Sand Shark Anchor.
  • Anchor Line : Great buddy to your Sand Shark Anchor for boats. Stop waves from pulling your anchor out with the 7'-21' shock bungee! This jet ski anchor line lets you relax at the beach when the "big waves" are coming in! Also works as a kayak anchor rope.
  • Get Yours Today! One of the best boat accessories, seadoo accessories, kayak accessories, bungee boat lines, pontoon boat accessories, mooring rope, or jet ski accessories! Must have boat line and boat ropes!