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Boat Air Horn Emergency Signal 3.5oz

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Boat Air Horn Emergency Signal 3.5oz
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  • Attention-Grabbing Sound Beacon for Emergencies - SandShark’s Premium Boat Air Horn emits a blast of sound to help you during emergency situations. An essential addition to every boat emergency kit, this small yet powerfully loud air horn is also great for water boating, kayaking, biking, bears, hiking, jogging, and sporting events.
  • Portable, Practical Alerting Sound - This handy emergency blow horn is small enough to carry in your pocket and can be stored virtually anywhere on a boat, jetski, dinghy, kayak, or canoe. Reliable alert device for safety during times of distress. Also great for celebrations and social events.
  • Milewide Alarm Signal - Our marine boat horn in a can meets the US Coast Guard requirements for boats up to 65 feet (20 meters). Do not be deceived by the small size! The distance covered by this very loud air horn blast is about a mile!
  • Functionally Foolproof Design - Simply screw the horn onto the can and press the button to signal. Being a chemical-free boating safety device, there’s no need to tilt, shake, or turn the can upside down before or during use – just screw on and sound off!
  • Buy the Best, Forget the Rest - When it comes to boating and PWC accessories, trust SandShark, the pioneering company on Amazon, to provide you with the highest quality selection of professional boat accessories.