Ultimate XL Boat Sand Anchor by SandShark. Adjustable, Folds Up for Compact Storage. Screw Auger Design Holds & Protects Boats and Pontoons. Secures in Shallow Water, Beach, Sandbar w/Case

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* "OH NO OUR BOAT IS DRIFTING AWAY!" You'll never hear that shout again after you use the SandShark Ultimate XL Anchor. It drills down into the sand with a premium screw auger. You get a rock solid hold that simply won't let loose on its own. * PERFECT FOR SHALLOW WATER, BEACH, SANDBAR - all the places you want to take your Boat or Pontoon. Never worry about it hitting the beach, rocks, or another watercraft! Tether it off the beach in shallow water with your Ultimate Anchor. * FOLDS UP COMPACT FOR STORAGE and easy carry in the included Padded Case. The Large is adjustable from 30 inches to 44 inches when fully extended. The Extra Large extends from 40 inches to 5 foot 2 inches. Handle folds to the side for storage. We take pride in having the anchor that extends longest, is the strongest, and then folds for convenient storage. * MADE WITH SUPER STRONG HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL with anodized aluminum. This anchor will look great and work well for years of use. It pays to invest in this first class, better-designed anchor. It will reward you with worry free days on the water. * 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If after you use your ULTIMATE PWC sand anchor you are not impressed with it's anchoring power, we will refund your purchase. Our world-class Sand Shark customer service wants you to be SATISFIED. There is Absolutely No Risk to you. Both the anchor and case come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Get yours and one for your friend TODAY!!! RECOMMENDED USES: The Large (48" extended) is recommended for boats or pontoons up to 23'.  The XL (5'2" extended) is recommended for boats or pontoons larger than 23'. ULTIMATE PREMIUM BOAT OR PONTOON SAND ANCHOR from the anchor experts at Sand Shark. This is the superior screw auger style anchor that is proven to hold and protect boats and pontoons. It adjusts easily from compact to 5 feet and longer. We even provide a deluxe padded case to carry. Available in two sizes Large and XL. WHY AUGER DESIGN IS BEST! When you screw the auger down into the sand, the hole fills with sand around it. Then water holds down the sand creating suction. That prevents the anchor from pulling out. You get tremendous holding power and true peace of mind. Now you can enjoy your time on the beach without ever having to worry about your watercraft hitting rocks, drifting away, or crashing into other craft. OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE THIS PREMIUM ANCHOR. Once you own our Ultimate Anchor, you won't ever have to buy another. To quote a recent customer: "Amazing ANCHOR system...period! Just love it. I have seen them all - nothing works like the Sand Shark. It holds without any chance of breaking loose. This will LAST A LIFETIME!"

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Absorbs Shock to Anchors and Docks Stretches from 7’-14’. Designed for use with SandShark Anchors.
SandShark Floating Anchor Marker Buoy Shark Shaped Markers for Anchors at The Beach, Lake, or Sandbar Water. High Visibility-Find Your Anchor-Prevent Accidental Hitting or Stepping on Anchors!
Protection Warranty for Ultimate XL Anchor by SandShark

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Richard Meyer Jul 27th 2020

SandShark Anchor

I purchased 2 of the SandShark Anchors 4 years ago and can attest to their longevity and holding power. We have had as many as 3 boats tied off to our anchor in 35 MPH winds when everyone else anchor was dragging. If you're anchoring in less than 6' of water, with a sandy bottom there is nothing that compares to the holding power of these anchors. One of the best under rated benefit is that it collapses into its own carrying case and can be stored just about anywhere. That way you can still carry your regular anchor in the anchor locker for deeper anchorages.

Darrel Jul 14th 2020

Amazing product and company

Couldn't be more impressed with this anchor and the company. They worked with me to get the product I needed in time for our week long boating trip. They went above and beyond to make sure I had a good experience. I was very happy with the service I got and the quick replies from customer support. The Anchor works great in sand. It dug deep and held firm. The quality of craftsmanship is outstanding! Thick metal with well soldered parts. This thing will never fall apart or break. Outstanding experience!

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