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Common Questions about SandShark Anchor and its use:


QUESTION:  What do I need for a 17ft key west for sandbar?

ANSWER:   Either of the Lite Anchors would work.  Those are available in 18” and 36”. Here is the link for those products.
The Ultimate Large and PWC would also work for your application.  They extend to 31” (PWC) and 48” (Large).
Bungee lines also really help in anchoring at the sandbar.  They reduce the “snapping” on the anchors that comes from the waves.  All of these anchor will hold your boat very well.  The main difference is the “ease of use” between the anchors.  In other words, standing in 3’ of water, it is much easier to use the Ultimate Large anchor because the handle is attached and it extends to 48”.  Compare this to the 18” Lite anchor which is 18” tall and would probably need turned into the sand around 1’.  You end up underwater, keeping the handle in place because the handle is removable.    In short, they all will hold your boat without issue is really just comes down to personal preference and ease of use.  
Just fyi, all Ultimate Anchors come with a free bungee line right now.  Hope that helps and please let me know if you have any other questions.  Thanks!