Hurricane vs. SandShark Anchor?

Hurricane vs. SandShark Anchor?

Posted by Mike Sayre on 28 Oct 2018

The recent hurricane in Florida with 145 MPH winds went up against our 36" Lite SandShark Anchor, here's what happened, from a review of one of our happy customers... 

SandShark Boat or Pontoon Sand Anchor for the Beach or Sandbar. Stainless Steel with Removable Handle 36”.Hey my name is Craig Gall and last year I bought 4 of your stainless SandShark anchors to use on the beach to hold down my racing catamarans. I just wanted to let you know I've got a house down in Panama City Beach. You might of seen on the news we just had a big category 4, almost 5, hurricane blow through. Your anchors held my boats down in 145 mile an hour winds!

Each boat had two anchors under it. One under the front cross bar, and one under the rear cross bar. They were turned down pretty tight. Each anchor was sunk into the sand with about 6 inches of it sticking out.

Can’t believe they held! Like I said we had 145 mile an hour winds....

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