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Best Sandbar Anchor

Posted by Brandon Mattix on 17 Oct 2022

#1 Super Sport

Why anchor with the Super sport? The Super Sport by SandShark is going to be my number one pick, it is the best all around choice for shallow water anchoring. The price is great on this anchor and offers a lot of value for the money. The value comes from a few different things including ease of use, longevity, and storage.
The first part of this I would like to touch on is ease of use. This product is very easy to use because of how well everything works together. From the push button telescoping to the collapsing handles, every part has been designed to flow together. When you take the Super Sport out of your boat or jet ski it only takes a matter of seconds to set up. There are no parts to clip on or lines that need to be untangled, you just push the button, slide it down, pull up on the handles, and screw in the anchor.
The next part is longevity. Unlike a lot of cheaper made products the Super Sport is made to last. The upper casing and lower shaft are made from high quality aluminum that is both completely corrosion resistant as well as extremely strong. Sand Shark also offers replacement parts and great customer service if you ever were to have a problem.
The easy storage is another great feature of the Super Sport. The Super Sport is extremely easy to store for a few reasons, the most obvious being that it collapses to half the length when in storage mode. Another feature that adds to this is the handles being collapsible. Lastly every Super Sport comes with a padded case, keeping your storage compartment and anchor safe.
So why go with the Super Sport, to me it is obvious the Super Sport is a great value, works well, and stores easily.

#2 SandShark Ultimate XL

The Ultimate XL anchor is the top of the line anchor by Sand Shark, it is both the largest and most expensive in the line up. I choose this as my number two pick because it really does a great job. This is an amazing product and in my opinion more than worth the money. The shaft is made out of very thick and high quality aluminum and the auger piece is all stainless steel. With the Ultimate Xl it really is quality you can feel. The anchor weighs in at about 10 pounds and has no plastic components at all. It also comes with a padded case for easy storage and to ensure there won't be any damage to your storage compartment. If you want to anchor your boat and be sure it will never move and you will never have to buy another anchor, the Xl is for you!

#3 SandShark Sport Anchor

The sport anchor is really a cool and budget friendly option for boat or jet ski enthusiasts. The sport comes in a bright neon green that makes it easy to see in the water and stands out from other products in this category. The main benefit to this anchor is that it is easy to use and can be used in several configurations. The sport comes in five pieces with three main sections plus handle and auger. The main sections come together to make the anchor about four feet tall or you can use just one or two sections for more shallow water. Sand Shark also sells additional sections if you want to make it even taller. The Sport does not come with a case like the last two anchors on this list but it does clip together for storage. I have found that the sport will fit well in a twenty liter dry bag if you are wanting a bag to store it in.