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5 Best Jet skis of 2023

5 Best Jet skis of 2023

Posted by Brandon Mattix on 17 Oct 2022


For our number one pick this year, we are going with the Kawasaki Ultra 310LX. This is a top of the line ski that offers both the best performance and comfort. The price is higher but still competitive to comparable jet skis, with options and performance blowing the competition out of the water. The Kawasaki makes 310 HP, and 1890 Lb of thrust out of their very dependable and capable 1,498cc, 4 stroke, supercharged engine. This model also offers an adjustable 3 person seat, large display screen with power modes for each level of rider, 4 speaker stereo system, and large rear deck. The only down sides we could find to this jet ski besides the almost twenty thousand dollar price tag is they only offer one color option. Personally I like the color Kawasaki chose for this jet ski and like the way this sets it apart from other models. One color option unique to this model makes it instantly noticeable as the top of the line Kawasaki.


Number two on our list has to be the Yamaha 1800R SVHO. Yamaha is one of those companies that always makes it towards the top of any list, and for good reason. Yamaha continues to make cool capable and extremely dependable machines year after year. The 1800R SVHO offers 250 horsepower out of their 1812cc, 4 stroke, supercharged engine. They also offer 3 person seating, a large rear deck, a sound system, and digital display. The main disadvantage to this jet ski is that the power output is lower than the competition, but Yamaha more than makes up for it with their unbeatable dependability and low overall weight at only 754 LBS dry weight.


For number three we will go to Sea-Doo for their GTX. Sea-Doo makes the GTX in a few different power options (170HP, 230HP, and 300HP). Sea-Doo uses their 1630 Rotax engine equipped with ACE or (Advanced Combustion Technology). These engines appear to be reliable and offer very good power output. They also offer large swim platforms, 100w optional sound system, variable trim, and great storage. The storage for this ski is in my opinion the best feature on this machine. The front storage is 25.3 gal (97L) and is easy to access when still seated. The front opens up moving the handlebars and dash with it, and offers storage pockets for further organization.


With the fourth jet ski on the list we are going back to Kawasaki and their Ultra LX. The Ultra LX is a perfect jet ski for almost every rider. They offer great features like 5 way adjustable handlebars, 60 gallon storage compartment, Kawasaki smart steering, smart learning operation (SLO) mode, luxury seat, and 160 horsepower. The Ultra LX uses Kawasaki's very dependable 1,498cc engine and is naturally aspirated. Another thing that I really like about this jet ski is the MSRP. The Ultra LX has a great amount of value for the price at around twelve thousand dollars it comes in several thousand lower than many competitors.


The last jet ski on this list is going to be the Sea-Doo Spark. The spark is not the most powerful, or most luxurious jet ski in the world, but it makes up for all of that in price and fun factor. The spark has an MSRP starting at a little over seven thousand for the two up and about eight thousand for the three up model. The main advantage to this ski is the value, you get a lot for your money. The Sea-Doo spark uses a Rotax 900 ACE engine putting out 60 horsepower. It is dependable, has enough power for most riders, and is very light. Weighing in at only 423 pounds it is one of the smallest skies out there. With that said the spark is a great ski for a new rider or someone who wants to have fun for less money.