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Best way to secure your boat or jet ski using a SandShark Anchor at the beach or in the sand.

Posted by SandShark Products on 5 Feb 2018

Best way to set SandShark Anchor using 1 person:

1) Clip the SS carabiner clip off to desired location (if not using a clip, tie-off the rope)

2) Using the pre-spliced loop on the dockline, "lasso" line onto anchor under the handles.

3) Take the anchor to desired location, keeping the line "taut" and holding the boat in place.

4) Turn the anchor into the bottom until secure.

5) The loop on the pre-spliced dockline will "float" on the shaft keeping the watercraft secure!

6) DONE! No more worrying about your boat or jet ski anchored at the beach or in the sand!