Salt-Away 32 oz. Concentrate Refill

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32 oz. Refill--For use with Mixer Unit

For Build-Up and Maintenance on SandShark Anchor's, PWC, Jet Ski, and Equipment.  Apply after use to Prevent Corrosion and Build-Up caused by Salt Water.

SALT-AWAY CONCENTRATE w/MIXING UNIT Exterior wash & inboard/outboard/jet engine flush. 100% non-toxic, biodegradeable, & non-hazardous. Used to remove salt from larger objects such as, cars, boats, personal watercraft, sails, machines, towing vehicles, trucks, trailers, & transport vehicles. 32 oz. concentrate is available w/mixing unit or purchase mixing unit separately. Recommended as the starter kit for many applications. Mixing unit connects to garden hose & its receptacle holds 4 oz & withstands water pressure up to 60 psi. SIZE: 32 fl. oz.

 •    Attacks and removes salt from any surface   

 •    Pre-treat surfaces to protect against corrosive action     

 •    Mixer unit connects with garden hose on one end, and motor flusher on the other end     

 •    Concentrate is dispensed with fresh water at the appropriate ratio     

 •    32 oz. concentrate yields eight applications for motor flush and 24' boat wash down  

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