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Beach MiniSport Scratch n Dent-Final Sale

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Beach MiniSport Scratch n Dent-Final Sale
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No More Drifting Away or Accidental Crashes: Rid yourself of worry knowing that your Jet Ski and kayak is safe from drifiting away when you use the SandShark Beach MiniSport anchor. This sand auger threads deep into the shallow seabed, using the surrounding water to create a strong suction grip that ensures your valuable watercraft is securely anchored while you relax or party at the beach.

Designed for Durable, Reliable Anchoring: Our Sport anchor’s patent pending design is made with high-quality, engineering-grade ABS plastic for superior strength and shock resistance. Unlike bulkier, heavier beach anchors, SandShark’s Beach MiniSport sand anchor is as strong as it is lightweight, and features a ‎bright neon green color for high visibility.

Purpose-Built for the Beach and Shoreline: Unlike old-fashioned anchors that make deployment near shorelines difficult, this compact beach anchor pole is specifically made for use in the shallow parts of seas and lakes and beaches.  Whether it’s a PWC, kayak or even a paddleboard, SandShark’s got you covered… or in this case, anchored!

Easy to Tote, Set Up, and Use: Out of the box, our boat sand anchor comes in 3 easy-to-assemble parts. Once installed, it is only 22" for compact storage.

Buy the Best, Forget the Rest: When it comes to boating and PWC accessories, trust SandShark, the pioneering company on Amazon, to provide you with the highest quality selection of professional boat anchors.

All Scratch and Dent Sales are FINAL SALES.  NO Warranty/No Returns or exhanges.