No-Scratch 6ft 3.8lb Shark Anchor Rode Line, 4 Shark Weights Knotted with 1/2in Hollow Braid Line Rope and Eyelets, No More Anchor-Chain Scratches on Your Watercraft

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Replace that Anchor Chain, Our No Scratch Anchor Rode Line Won't Mark Up Your Boat, Recommended for Anchors Under 10 lbs

High Strength 1/2in Hollow Braid Anchor Line Rope with Eyelets for Easy Anchoring

Shark Weights are 13oz Each and Encased in High Strength ABS Plastic - No More Boat Scratches - Shark Weight Eyelet is 1/2in in Size

Shark Weights Are Spaced Apart Evenly On Line For Maximum Weight Disbursement Similar to An Anchor Chain

Also Sold Individually, Easily Tie Individual Shark Weights to Up to 1/2in Anchor Lines and Rope for Added Weight, or Replace That Anchor Chain

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