SandShark Anchor Bungee Dock Line. Absorbs Shock to Anchors and Docks Stretches from 7’-14’. Designed for use with SandShark Anchors. (Blue)

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  • SHOCK ABSORBING: Absorbs the shock to your dock, cleats, pylons, or anchors. Your Sand Shark Anchor will be most effective by reducing the “SHOCK” on your anchor from the waves. These mooring lines will give you peace of mind that your watercraft will stay at the dock, beach, or sandbar!
  • ANCHOR LINE: Great compliment to your Sand Shark Anchor. Stop waves from pulling your anchor out! When waves come in, they lift and pull at the anchor. These lines turn that “Hard-Snap” into a “Gentle-Pull”. Now you can relax at the beach when the “big waves” are coming in!
  • DOCK LINE: Use it for your Boat, Kayak, PWC, or anything else you want to hold at the dock. The bungee cord is hidden inside the line to act as a built in snubber. Bungee dock lines are the “MUST HAVE” boating accessories when boating, kayaking, or jet skiing!
  • FLOATING: Easily find your anchor when you pull back to the beach! The floating end acts like a marker buoy for your anchor when you are away from it. The Floats also prevent the lines from sinking if they happen to fall overboard!
  • GET YOURS TODAY! We are confident that you will love your new lines. If you are not satisfied, our products are always backed by 100% Money Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked!


★ SandShark Bungee Anchor and Dock Lines ★

SandShark is offering these Premium Bungee Anchor and Dock Lines to add to your collection of great boating accessories!
Toss away the traditional dock lines and give our bungee mooring lines a try!

✔ Peace of Mind and Security while your Boat is Docking.
✔ Eliminate the Jerking, Tugging, and Banging on your Boats and Anchor.
✔ “Stretches” as your Boat, Pontoon, PWC, Jet Ski, or Kayak Drifts from Rough Waves or Wind.
✔ Great Compliment to your Sand Shark Anchor.
✔ 10” Loop and Slider at each End for an Easy Attachment to your Boat, Dock, or Anchor.
✔ Makes an ideal any occasion or Christmas gift.
✔ Love it or your money back. We are confident that you will love your new lines, but if you are not satisfied, our products are always backed by 100% Money Back No Questions Asked Guaranteed!

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4 Reviews

Peter Oct 12th 2020

Anchor bungee dock line

Well made product, worth the investment. Would recommend.

Chris Aug 5th 2020

Great Item

I have used this on my SandShark anchor for my jetski, its super easy with the clip, material is well made i have used cheaper versions but this one is top notch! Thanks SandShark

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