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SandShark Anchor Video Overview by Inventor Duane Mattix

Awhile back while boating with friends and family at the sandbar party on his local lake, Duane wished for happier times. You see, Duane suffered from the dreaded "Shallow Water Anxiety" - a boaters worst nightmare when it comes to shoreline and beach docking. He was growing sick of holding his boat, while everyone else was enjoying the water and having fun. So after some careful thought, a few beers and several napkin drawings... Duane invented the Sand Shark Anchor! Now Duane enjoys a carefree lifestyle while boating on the water using the Sand Shark! So now when someone happens to say, "Hey everybody, lets dock on that sandbar and party down!" Instead of fiddling around with life jackets or something else to quell the fear, Duane is the first one there to auger down with his Sand Shark, way to go Duane!

Just Dock It! The Ultimate Shallow Water Anchor On The Market...

Shallow Water Anxiety? Boater's everywhere are suffering... A SandShark Shallow Water Anchor is the Cure!

When Sandbar Boat Parties Go Bad... Should of Used a Shallow Water Anchor by SandShark!

When Smaller is Better... Introducing the NEW JR Shallow Water Anchor!

It's Boat party Time So... Get Down with the NEW Junior Shallow Water Anchor!

The Ultimate Duo... Two Shallow Water Anchors for Any Size Boat and Any Size Budget!

How the JR Ultimate Jet Ski and PWC Anchor Works!


How to Use the SandShark Lite 36 Boat Sand & Shallow Water!


The Best Boat Sand, Beach, & Shallow Water Anchor!


Stay tuned in and anchor down here for more Sand Shark HD videos!

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