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Duane, got my sandshark anchor today and I'm blown away man.

I was a bit concerned with ordering something like this for my boat over the internet especially for $300 bucks, because I have ordered stuff before and was disappointed when it arrived. Its hard to really get a good feel of any product from just pictures and descriptions.

Pictures don't do this thing justice though. I could tell it was solid and built well from the specs and photos of it, but when you first pick it up you know right away its built right and heavy duty. The steel shaft is thick and I was worried about the aluminum housing thinking it might give or crack, but its over a 1/4 inch thick... lol airplanes don't use aluminum that thick!

Thanks again for your help and talking to me about it and great job on building one kick-ass boat anchor. I'll be sending you some picks of the sandbar island on our next houseboat rally, you'll be getting some more orders then for sure everyone there want one of these. If you ever get down to Houston give me a shout.
Later - Roland

Roland Michaels

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Jet Ski Anchor

Looking for a Jet Ski Anchor?  A sand anchor is ideal for anchoring PWCs or Jet Skis in shallow water to keep the impeller off the beach.  The SandShark Jr is the best way to anchor your jet ski or PWC at the beach, sand, or in shallow water.  Don’t let this season go by without getting the best anchoring system for your watercraft!  The SandShark Jr is the best solution for a Jet Ski Anchor for the beach, sand, or in shallow water!


Sandshark JR with Case

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Places to take and anchor your PWC and Jet Ski in Florida

Tims favorite is Ponce de Leon Inlet on the east coast of central Florida. It sits just below Daytona Beach and north of New Smyrna. Although he lives in Orlando and has a choice of over 100 lakes within a 50 mile radius of his house, he prefers to drive the hour and a half to Ponce. It's always worth it! he'll take a lousy 3' wave over a flat lake any day!

The great thing about it is that it costs nothing to park or launch. FREE, baabeee! You can't beat that. There's a concrete ramp and a paved parking lot. However, the lot only has about 40 slots so get here early on a warm day. Another great thing is that if you want to get your extra gear (or even that third, fourth or fifth passenger) to the beach, you can drive into the County's Lighthouse Park ($2.00 per per person in vehicle) and be able to park within 50 yards of the beach, provided it's not a busy day.

However, no trailers are allowed in the park on weekends or holidays because of the crowds and limited space. Most people just carry their stuff to the beach via their PWC and leave their vehicles in the public lot near the ramp. On a good day, when there's an east or southeast wind and the tide is rolling out, you'll have 6-8' waves along the south jetty. In the center of the channel, I've seen rolling swells reach 10'. If the winds are not in your favor, you'll still get 3-5' waves which are nothing to be ashamed of. If a hurricane just happens to run up the coast as Floyd did a while back, you can count on huge swells in the deeper water and rocking action along the south jetty! Just be careful of floating debris at those times.

There are restrictions on where you can ride. If caught in the "no-no" zones, be prepared for a fine. New Smyrna mandates that all PWC stay 1500' from shore to protect the swimmers and surfers. So, it's not worth traveling south of the south jetty. Going north of the north jetty, you need to stay 300' from shore. No beaching until you reach Ormond Beach. As long as you stay in the Inlet, you can beach anywhere you like on the north or south sides. But (and that's a BIG BUT), there are pending ordinances to restrict these areas even further (like every other place in the country). Be sure to check with Volusia County Sheriff's Department for current details.
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Report: Sarasota County, Venice, FL. Take I-75 to exit 35, not 35A, just exit 35, which is Jacaranda road. Turn right off the exit, go down 2 traffic lights to Venice Ave., and turn right. Take that all the way down onto the island to the end of Venice ave. turn right at the stop sign. Turn left on the next stop sign. You will come up to Higel park boat launch on the right. From there you can go out to the gulf of Mexico by goin left on your pwc, or go straight into Roberts bay (sports rec area). When you go to the gulf..... you'll go through the jetti. You can beach off South Jetti, but not North Jetti. Waves are big, I 've seen them about 8' rollers. Roberts Bay is an "excellent" place to freestyle jetski, but no big waves in there. Everything is free, launching and parking. Camping is on U.S 41 about 5-6 miles north of Venice ave. It's called Oscar Shears state park. It costs about $15 per night.


Places to launch:
Desoto County Sunny Breeze Golf Course (AKA: Liverpool) Just South of Fort Ogden, turn at the entrance to Sunny Breeze Golf Course and follow road all the way to the end. (There are some curves and turns, just stay on the "main" road). You will see the boat ramp and picnic pavilion at the end.

Charlotte County Harbor Heights Park. From I-75 get off at exit 30 and head towards Harbor Heights. Watch for "park and boat ramp sign". Nice picnic area with tables and pavilions. There are other places to launch but these two seem to be the best and easiest to find. Your best bet is to stock up on gas and also pack a lunch. There is a restaurant with gas north of the boat ramp at Sunny Breeze Golf Course called "Nav-a-Gators". Click here for map of Charlotte County.

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Use the SandShark Jr PWC Anchor system to safely park your Jet Ski or other PWC in shallow water.

  • No more scratches and gouges on bottom of your Jet Ski or PWC from beach or shoreline mooring with this PWC Anchor.
  • Don't park Personal Water Craft (PWC) or Jet Ski on the beach or shoreline. Safely anchor PWC in shallow water using the SandShark PWC Anchor Sysytem.
  • Portable and easily stored in PWC compartments.
  • No rust: The SandShark Jr is made of solid stainless steel.
  • Easy docking in sand or shallow water.
  • All one unit. No need to find sand or rocks. Lifetime warranty
  • No more worrying about your PWC or Jet Ski being "taken out with the tide" or "washed up on shore".

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The Best Jet-Ski, PWC, Waverunner Sand Anchor

I went looking for the best sand anchor for jet ski's, PWC's, and waverunners and found that there really isn't a lot of very good options.  With the size and weight of new personal watercraft you want an anchor that is strong and compact.  Most of the ones I found were small and ineffective.  Given the need for this type of product, we at SandShark Products wanted to design an anchor specifically for personal watercraft.  It needed to work in windy, choppy conditions and not allow the tide to drag the waverunner out to sea.  We talked with customers and did rigorous testing, and used the highest quality material to come up with the best product.  Although it may cost a little more you will find that it is money well spent for the piece of mind of protecting your investment.

This is how we came up with the idea for the SandShark JR.  It is by far the best sand anchor for your jet ski, PWC, and waverunner.  If you compare it to other products you will find the JR is unmatched in its performance, quality, and durability.  With 31" of 1/2 round stainless steel, a storage feature that allows it to fit in the front compartment of your jet ski or PWC I think you will agree that you will not find a better anchoring choice for your watercraft.  With a lifetime warranty and money back guarantee how can you go wrong!

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New Boat, Jet Ski, and PWC sand auger anchors

Coming soon are our "lite" series of sand auger anchors for boats, jet skis, and PWC's.  This is a new and economical design made completely of stainless steel.  These will still be one of the best and most effective anchoring solutions on the market.  They will be offered in 4 different sizes ranging from 18"-48" for easy shallow water anchoring.  If you are in a couple feet of water, setting these anchors will be a breeze!

Better yet, the prices start out at $39!

We should have them available on the website around the first of April.

Thank You!

SandShark Products

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How to anchor your boat, jet ski, waverunner, or PWC in sand or shallow water next to the beach.

Many coastlines of the Great Lakes and Oceans do not allow you to go past the wet sand of private beaches.  In order to enjoy these great locations on your boat, jet ski, waverunner, or PWC you need to anchor out in the sand or shallow water.  The SandShark and SandShark JR gives you the best option to securely anchor at these great locations.  With extension features and the unmatched strength of our anchors, you can easily reach deep into the bottom for a great "bite" to obtain the most secure holding power so that your watercraft won't be damaged.  If you travel the coastlines of the Oceans or Great Lakes you now can enjoy every inch of these shorelines.  Try the best sand and shallow water anchor by SandShark Products today!

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Dual purpose shallow water anchor

If you are looking for the best boat sand anchor or the best jet ski anchor, the SandShark JR is definitely for you!  With a new economical and portable design, the JR is still made out of high quality stainless steel with a lifetime warranty.  With the JR you don't need separate sand anchors for your boat or jet ski, you only need one JR!  Use it on your boat, then throw it in the front compartment of your jet ski.  If you prefer to buy two, then you have (2) for your boat and (2) for your PWC.  At SandShark Products we strive to save you $$$.  High quality products made out of the best materials available.  The JR shallow water anchor is strong enough to hold your 30' boat, yet compact enough to fit in the front compartment of your PWC.  How can you go wrong?  No more buying separate anchors for separate watercraft.  This saves you $$$.

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SandShark JR

SandShark Jr jet ski anchor

SandShark JR Anchor

The SandShark JR Anchor solves your sand bar, beach, or shallow water docking problems for your Boat, Jet Ski, PWC, or Dinghy.
  • Designed to store in most Jet Ski and PWC compartments.
  • Use as primary or secondary anchor for boats.
  • Use as a sand or beach spike.

  *Please note the video represent an earlier version of the SandShark Jr. and is for instructional purposes only.  Please refer to the pictures on the shopping site for the most recent version of the SandShark JR.  The new version is 3 pieces but does not store into the handle.  Thank You! How it works: The JR will store at 18" in the front compartment of your watercraft and extend to 31" to set the auger deep for safe, strong and effective holding power. Easy to use and easy to store; the JR is the most effective sand and shallow water anchor for jet skis, PWC's and waverunners.  
Relax and enjoy your time on the water without having to worry about your watercraft getting beached or drifting away with the tide!  No need to beach it! Just dock it safely in shallow water close to the shore!

SandShark JR Features:

  • Stores to 18″ inches. Fits in Most PWC’s and Jet Ski’s
  • 31″ inches from Top to Bottom
  • Constructed Completely out of Stainless Steel
  • Lifetime Warranty, Top Quality and Built to Last
  • 1/2″ inch Solid Stainless Steel Auger Shaft w/3” Blade
  • Foam Grips for Comfortable Turning
  • Quick Release Pin for Easy Use and Storage
  • High Corrosion Resistance
  *NOTE FOR SALTWATER USAGE Saltwater is one of the toughest environments for metals and if the salt remains on the anchors in storage it will continue to promote corrosion.  Stainless steel has a high tolerance for corrosion but if left in saltwater long enough it too is susceptible.  For best results and corrosion resistance please rinse the saltwater off the anchors when putting into storage or after use.  If you have signs of corrosion use a wire brush or sandpaper to remove.  

JR Prices and Order Online!

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Why SandShark?

If You're Tired Of Holding Your Boat In Place, Try Our Sand Anchors Risk Free!
  • Your Boat Or Jet Ski Will Not Drift With The SandShark Anchor!
  • This is the product you've been waiting for, get the strongest, most effective portable anchoring system for your boat.
  • Our sand anchors solve the most common boat anchoring problem, "Drifting".
  • With this anchoring system your boat will not drift, and will keep "You" from having to hold your boat in place!
  • So go spend more time with your family and friends on the water and start having some fun again!
Dont' Hold Your Boat in Place... Go have some fun! You are probably tired of standing next to the boat while your friends are having a good time. Don't miss out on anymore good times with this sand anchoring system. Dock your boat or jet-ski in loose or hard bottoms. You can use them in sand or rocky bottoms. Our sand anchors cut through and hold in almost any condition. You won't worry if you have heavy winds and waves, your sand anchors will hold. Don't worry about the tide taking your watercraft out to sea or left beached on the shore, use the SandShark for a temporary dock or use as a portable boat dock. Your boat can out of sight without worries!
  “This is the strongest boating anchor I have seen!  I have never seen a product like it.  It blows away everything else on the market!” -Roland Michaels  
Use it with your...
  • boat
  • pontoon
  • tritoon
  • jet ski
  • power boat
  • dinghy
  • yacht
  • fishing boat

Great features, easy to use, easy to store

No other sand anchors offer the strength and compatibility like our products. They are made to extend almost double their size and collapse for easy storage with the boat and jet ski versions. With our sharpened stainless steel auger, the anchor turns easily into the bottom. Convenient folding and collapsing features stow easily in your watercraft. No more “long anchor line” congestion at the sandbar. Our anchors set within a few feet. Once the anchor is set in place, it is as simple as looping a dock line from the anchor to the boat.

Lifetime Warranty

We are so confident in our products that you receive a lifetime warranty. If you have any problems with your anchoring system we will replace the defective parts or anchor if necessary. Think about being able to dock your boat for hours or days and not worrying about the conditions getting too rough. You will keep boat or jet-ski from expensive prop and hull damage. Our products are designed well and are made from the best materials available, plus you'll have the "coolest anchor at the beach" If you don't think our anchor does what is says, send it back with our 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Try it risk free

Your anchor will last a lifetime.  It would be foolish to offer such long guarantees and warranties if we did not believe in our products. If it doesn't work as good as we claim, box it up and we will pay the return shipping! You have nothing to lose! How much would you spend for an anchor "that actually works" and lasts a lifetime? How much for the best materials and features offered on a shallow water anchoring system?   "SandShark Anchor only $199"   A reasonable price for an anchor that works! This is probably more than you spend on other anchors, but you wouldn't be reading this today if they had worked. This is less expensive than boat repair or replacing a quality prop. You can protect your investment with a quality anchoring system. If you buy an anchor we ship it within 24 hours. It will be shipped via UPS ground delivery. If you pay for it, we send it promptly! Check the UPS time in transit from zip code 46563 to your location.

Never buy another anchor for shallow water!

"30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee" We realize it is hard to test an anchor on a website. You need to be totally convinced you've made the best choice for you. So we've made it even easier for you. Now you can try a SandShark Anchor for your boat for a full 30 days at no risk. Yes for a FULL 30 days you can...
  • Inspect
  • Test
  • Try-Out
In can use the SandShark Anchor in any way you would like for a full 30 days, a No-Risk Guarantee! And if after that time you're not totally convinced it's for you...
  • Return it!
  • We Pay Return Shipping
  • It costs you nothing
  • No worries about making the wrong decision.
  • Could you make a wrong decision?
NO...there could not be an easier way to protect your investment and keep it safe at the beach or sandbar.  So, spend more time with your family and friends, and do not worry! Now is your chance to try the best boat anchoring system Risk Free for 30 Days. Click Here To Get Your SandShark Today!  

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