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The Best Sand Stake Anchor. The SandShark!

If you are looking for the best sand stake anchor.  The SandShark is the answer for you!  The new design for 2013 features an anodized top, stainless steel bottom, and a removable handle.  As with all SandShark Products, it is a high quality boating accessory!  At 39" tall, it is one of the most effective anchoring solutions for the sand and shallow water.  Don't get caught at the Sand-Bar without a SandShark!  So if you are in the market for a Sand Stake Anchor, take a look at SandShark Products!  You won't be disappointed!

The SandShark Anchor

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Great place to use a Shallow Water Boat Sand Anchor Pole or Stake!–The Islamorada Sandbar

Islamorada Sandbar

What the locals call " The Beach" is actually a wide sandbar jutting out into the ocean close to Holiday Isle. There's only one way to get there - by boat.The sandbar is about 1/2 mile off shore.

24° 55' 58.76" N - 80° 36' 1.84" W





The sandbar is the mother of all raft-up locations. One who has been there has seen both sides of the channel were jam packed, people and boats. Depending upon the time of year (Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July) it is PACKED. There must be 2500 boats in an area where 1000 boats is full.

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Use a Sand Stake as a Beach Anchor to Keep your Boat, Jet Ski, or PWC in Place

Use a Sand Stake as a Beach Anchor to Keep your Boat, Jet Ski, or PWC in Place.  Keeping your boat, jet ski, or PWC in place at the beach or in the sand is a big task!   We at SandShark anchor have came up with the solution to your problem.  We have the best sand stake beach anchor for your boat, jet ski, PWC, or personal watercraft.  Simple turn it into the beach or sand and "no more worrying" about your watercraft floating away.  So the next time your in the market for a sand stake beach anchor take a look at the SandShark Anchor's!

Jet Ski or PWC Beach Sand Stake Anchor

Beach Sand Stake Anchor

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