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Get the straight scoop and opinions on the Sand Shark Anchor directly from our customers...

We post all of our feedback and reviews here from our customers who have purchased the Sand Shark Anchor and sent us their opinion of it.

We know there's nothing like getting the straight scoop firsthand about any product, whether purchasing online or from a store. Great, good, bad, or down right nasty... regardless, if feedback is sent to us - it's posted here for your review!

We've put a lot of time and energy into making the SandShark Anchor a top-notch, high quality, heavy-duty, shallow water and shore-line docking anchor system for boating lovers like us.

We think it's the best portable anchor available on the boating accessories market, period.

We're pretty sure once it's used for the first time, you'll be more than happy with the results. We guarantee it too, if you're not satisfied for any reason after purchasing we'll give you your money back! (...but we haven't had to do that yet:)

The pwc ultimate anchors keep the new skis safely off the beach really well. Thanks for everything.



Amazing anchor system...period! Purchased the PWC version 4 years ago and love it. Has super holding power unlike any other anchor suitable for carrying in a PWC. I have seen them all- nothing works like the Sand-Shark. I ride with a jet ski club and can tie up to 4 big skis in a strong current and holds without any chance of the Sand-Shark from breaking loose. Super strong material - this will last a lifetime. My came with a padded case.

I like the newer versions with aluminum power coat / colors, but I will stick it out with the original S.S model.


Amazing anchor system...period! Purchased the PWC version 4 years ago and love it. Has super holding power unlike any other anchor suitable for carrying in a PWC. I have seen them all- nothing works like the Sand-Shark. I ride with a jet ski club and can tie up to 4 big skis in a strong current and holds without any chance of the Sand-Shark from breaking loose. Super strong material - this will last a lifetime. My came with a padded case.


My family & I were at Lake Powell on June 5th2015. We were enjoying the afternoon sunshine when a spring storm blew in. The clouds were black. At first it started to rain then it turned to a extremely heavy rain, then about 15 minutes of marble size hail with 60+ MPH winds. I had two other sand anchors out but they didn’t hold my 300 Signature Chaparral. Only the Sand Shark and the Windless. What a anchor. It may have bent but it wouldn’t break.


Thank you so much for helping with the part. Your product really rocks, I’ve quite literally showed my SandShark to hundreds of folks over the past couple years and several have purchased their own. I’ve attached a pic from a Bryant owners raftup where I was the end boat of a large raftup and never budged an inch!

South Carolina

I can't believe how good this Sand Shark Ultimate works. I use it in Michigan on several lakes. We go to Lake Charlevoix twice a year and I anchor my 17' Boston Whaler Montauk with a 90 hp engine in shallow water for a week at a time instead of tying it to a dock where the boat will get beat up. The anchor held tight even during an intense thunderstorm with 40 mph winds. No doubt in my mind this anchor will hold a bigger boat than mine.



Received my Sand Shark Ultimate anchors.

Fabulous product. The quality matches and exceeds your claimed promises. Exceptional in the marine industry.

Best Regards,



I bought two of the Ultimate Sandsharks two years ago and they work as promised. Before purchasing these anchors, I spent a lot of time holding our pontoon on the sand bar and didn’t get to enjoy it as much as I liked. Since using the Ultimate anchors for two season, I couldn’t be happier. We just spent a week in northern Wisconsin, where the winds were 10-15+ miles an hour a couple of days. Two of the anchors kept up to 4 pontoons steady on a sand bar for several hours on more than one occasion. We also have two of the Sandshark Jr’s for our Seadoos and they work great as well! Nice product…we received a lot of positive comments from our sand bar neighbors. Some of which could not get an anchor to hold and couldn’t stay on the sand bar because of the high winds!


I have used the SandShark every time we go out and it has been great--– I am VERY pleased and HAPPY with the SandShark Jnr and more than happy to recommend it.
Cheers for now--Scott

Scott Cramp

Dear Duane,
I was absolutely satisfied with your Sandsharkanchor. We at the Long Beach
Lifeguard Facility run about 20 different Waverunners per year and we were
trying out different types of anchors and yours seemed to work the best,
even at Fire Island during some of the harshed tides of the season.



I received the SandShark. The product looks awesome and is very well built. Your pictures don't do it justice 🙂

I can't wait to try it tomorrow.



Amazing Product this is well constructed and quality that is built for many years of use. It took me less than 2 minutes to set and and forget it no problem at all holding my jet ski and keeping it off the sand bar. This is well constructed and something that will pay for it self by the prevention of hull damage from the beach and other skis and boats. Held my Seadoo(3 person) in place in 1.5 ft waves amazing. Everyone else's anchors kept getting jerked loose and they kept having to readjust and I just relaxed and enjoyed myself :).


Wow, A Anchor system for my waverunners that will actually hold them where I put them. I use this anchor to secure my waverunners just off the beach and it works great. I have used many systems and none have worked until now. This thing is wonderful and saves my hull from sand scuff damage!!!!


This Sand Shark Anchor is a great product and very good service as I got a replacement thumb screw sent right out no charge.I boat in a irrigation lake in eastern Colorado we get high winds often leave may boat in overnite has never come loose. I have total faith that this anchor will hold my 20′ Searay

Scott Westover

Duane, got my sandshark anchor today and I'm blown away man.

I was a bit concerned with ordering something like this for my boat over the internet especially for $300 bucks, because I have ordered stuff before and was disappointed when it arrived. Its hard to really get a good feel of any product from just pictures and descriptions.

Pictures don't do this thing justice though. I could tell it was solid and built well from the specs and photos of it, but when you first pick it up you know right away its built right and heavy duty. The steel shaft is thick and I was worried about the aluminum housing thinking it might give or crack, but its over a 1/4 inch thick... lol airplanes don't use aluminum that thick!

Thanks again for your help and talking to me about it and great job on building one kick-ass boat anchor. I'll be sending you some picks of the sandbar island on our next houseboat rally, you'll be getting some more orders then for sure everyone there want one of these. If you ever get down to Houston give me a shout.
Later - Roland

Roland Michaels

We vacation at a chain of lakes in Indiana where the the bottom of their "sandbar" (called Pee Island) is sand, but mixed with rocks (and lots of Zebra Mussel shells). Danforths just don't stick in the stuff, so everyone has corkscrew anchors like this. Most are simple PVC versions like this (for probably 10% the cost). The difference I see is that, although everyone hangs out together, they really don't raft up much. So it is a bunch of single boats in the same area with one of these off of the bow and one off of the stern. They all tie off at the top and it does work. I do notice that in the wind that the leverage does tug at the corkscrew, but they stay put.


I spent some time with Duane and the Sandshark Anchor last weekend at the Blarney show. I've also seen Liquid's at the sandbar. These things are heavy duty. The stainless steel auger is heavy duty. Duane mentioned to me that down in Indiana, where he's from, it's the anchor of choice at their "sandbar." I also know Howudoin picked on up as well, so next time you're at the sandbar, look for them and you'll see them in action.


Well I saw this in action at the sandbar a couple weeks ago. I was surprised at the holding power this auger had with it's relatively small foot print. Mike had it off his stern, which normally wouldn't see the heavy tugging bow anchors see. The most impressive was that Mike was one of the few who had one off the stern and he was rafted in to 15 other boats in the line. I would have thought the mass of that many boats cycling in and out would have popped this thing right out of the sand, but it stayed put all afternoon. I would have zero reservations about securing a single 24-26 ft boat off this, even off the bow.

Naughty Kitty

Duane, I used the sandshark anchor for the first time here at torch lake. It works fantastic, great product.
A lot of people asked me about it as there pvc stick anchor versions failed and were getting pulled out. Most people reacted negatively when they asked me about the cost. I responded with "Aint nothing about boating cheap" thought I would pass that on to you. Thanks again!

Rob Caro

Brookville Lake has a lot of sandbars and shallow shoreline areas which are hard to dock boats at, but the Sand Shark Anchor makes it easy now. I can just pull up to shore, jump out, auger down, and tie off the pontoon. No more looking for a tree, or solid ground to drive stakes into so the boats will hold. This is by far the best anchoring system for shore and sandy beach areas I've found.

MD Sayre

All I got to say is awesome! When you screw this thing down, you don't think its doing anything or will hold, because it goes in too easy. WRONG! I had my SR 23 ft Yamaha tied up to the Sandshark Anchor in 3ft+ waves for more than 2 hours and did not budge. It's solid and worth every penny.

Mr. Craneman

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