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How to anchor your boat, jet ski, waverunner, or PWC in sand or shallow water next to the beach.

Many coastlines of the Great Lakes and Oceans do not allow you to go past the wet sand of private beaches.  In order to enjoy these great locations on your boat, jet ski, waverunner, or PWC you need to anchor out in the sand or shallow water.  The SandShark and SandShark JR gives you the best option to securely anchor at these great locations.  With extension features and the unmatched strength of our anchors, you can easily reach deep into the bottom for a great "bite" to obtain the most secure holding power so that your watercraft won't be damaged.  If you travel the coastlines of the Oceans or Great Lakes you now can enjoy every inch of these shorelines.  Try the best sand and shallow water anchor by SandShark Products today!

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