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Use a Boat Anchor Pole in the Sand or Shallow Water to Keep Your Boat in Place

If you are looking to keep you boat or pontoon in place, consider using a boat anchor pole in the sand or shallow water. Us an auger style anchor that will turn down into the sand to keep your watercraft in place for hours. Even in choppy, wavy conditions typically found at the beach and sandbar, a boat anchor pole is your best choice to "stay in one place". Take a look at the SandShark Anchor. They have a variety of alternative to meet any boat size or budget. So stop worrying about your boat at the beach or sandbar and use a boat anchor pole in the sand or shallow water to keep it in place!

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Boat Sand Anchor’s that Work the Best In Sand and Shallow Water!

If you are looking for boat sand anchor's that actually work the BEST in sand or shallow water, look no more! SandShark Anchor has the anchor's for you. They have developed an anchoring system for boat's, poontoon's, tritoons that have superior holding power in the sand and shallow water. No more worrying about your boat drifting with these products, your shallow water anchoring problems are solved with a SandShark Anchoring system. So the next time you are looking for a sand or shallow water anchor for your boat, take a look at the SandShark Anchor!

SandShark "Ultimate" Anchor

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Dock Lines

What they do

Dock lines secure your boat to a SandShark Anchor or another dock either temporarily or semi-permanently.  This is very useful when spending afternoons at sandbars or beaches where permanent docks are not available.

How they work

When your boat is away from its regular slip or mooring, you need to have some designated nylon lines aboard, preferably with spliced eyes, ready for use when you tie up somewhere. We call these transient dock lines. The eye in the end is easily passed over the SandShark Anchor.  You can then turn the anchor into the ground without the rope twisting around the anchor when it is turning.  The bitter end is adjusted on board the boat or jet ski.  There are dozens of combinations of diameters and lengths but we recommend a minimum size of dock lines of 3/8" x 15' for jet ski's or boats.

Why Nylon?

Dock lines should be made from nylon, which has a superior combination of strength and stretch. Both three-strand and braided construction are common. Three-strand stretches more, is very abrasion- and snag-resistant and less expensive. Braided nylon is stronger, comes in colors, and has a nice feel or "hand".

Dock Line Recommendations for SandShark Anchors

  1. 3/8" x 15' for SandShark JR or Lite Series for Jet Ski's and PWC's  (minimum 15' length)
  2. 3/8" or 1/2" diameters for Ultimate or Lite Series Boat Anchors  (minimum 15' length)
  • 3/8" up to 22' of Boat Length
  • 1/2" up to 30' of Boat Length

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Great place to use a Shallow Water Boat Sand Anchor Pole or Stake!–The Islamorada Sandbar

Islamorada Sandbar

What the locals call " The Beach" is actually a wide sandbar jutting out into the ocean close to Holiday Isle. There's only one way to get there - by boat.The sandbar is about 1/2 mile off shore.

24° 55' 58.76" N - 80° 36' 1.84" W





The sandbar is the mother of all raft-up locations. One who has been there has seen both sides of the channel were jam packed, people and boats. Depending upon the time of year (Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July) it is PACKED. There must be 2500 boats in an area where 1000 boats is full.

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The Best Boat Sand, Beach, and Shallow Water Anchor!

This video shows the SandShark boat beach, sand, and shallow water anchor in use.  Notice how in the windy choppy conditions, IT DOES NOT MOVE!  It is constructed completely of stainless steel with for grips for easy turning.  You will no longer be a victim of dreaded boat drift!   Use this anchor for superior holding power in the sand, beach and shallow water.



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Use a Sand Stake as a Beach Anchor to Keep your Boat, Jet Ski, or PWC in Place

Use a Sand Stake as a Beach Anchor to Keep your Boat, Jet Ski, or PWC in Place.  Keeping your boat, jet ski, or PWC in place at the beach or in the sand is a big task!   We at SandShark anchor have came up with the solution to your problem.  We have the best sand stake beach anchor for your boat, jet ski, PWC, or personal watercraft.  Simple turn it into the beach or sand and "no more worrying" about your watercraft floating away.  So the next time your in the market for a sand stake beach anchor take a look at the SandShark Anchor's!

Jet Ski or PWC Beach Sand Stake Anchor

Beach Sand Stake Anchor

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Inexpensive yet still very Effective Boat Sand and Shallow Water Anchor

The SandShark Lite 36 with welded handle is an inexpensive yet still very effective boat sand and shallow water anchor.  The Lite 36 has been very popular because of it's 36" of 5/8" solid stainless steel yet only a price of $69.  The 12" welded handle stores easy in most boats or pontoons.  With foam grips for easy turning and d-ring to tie-off you can not beat the value.  Great for the beach, sandbar, or to use as a shore spike.  If your in the market for a boat sand or shallow water anchor you cannot beat the performance of the SandShark Lite 36!

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Use a boat sand anchor to hold you floating dock or water trampoline in place.

SandShark boat sand anchors work well for holding your floating docks or water trampolines in place.  We offer a 36" stainless steel sand spike auger anchor which works great for holding all sorts of floating docks, water trampolines, boats, PWC's, or Jet Ski's in place for the summer.  With high quality stainless steel construction you won't have to worry about the anchors rusting.   The SandShark lite series sand anchors will bury deep in the sand.  You can leave them there all year round if you are able to find it again the next year!  If you need an anchor for a floating dock or water trampoline, or even a portable dock post we have the products for you?

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Use a Boat or Jet Ski Sand Auger Anchor in the Water for Best Results.

We have found that when using a sand auger anchor for your boat or jet ski, it works better in the water than on the shore or beach.  The reason for this is because the moving water keeps the hole around the auger filled in.  For example, try to dig a hole a few feet into the water along a beach or shoreline.  It is impossible because the moving water keeps washing sand constantly into the hole.

When the augers are on the dry beach or shore, the hole created from placing the auger in is loose and not packed around the shaft.   When they are in the water, the water keeps the sand packed around the shaft and creates a "suction" on the auger and the shaft which is almost impossible to "pull-out".  When placed correctly an auger anchor will not be "pulled out" it will have to be "turned out".  This also keeps your watercraft away from the shore to prevent damage.  So better holding power and less damage!

The next time you parked your boat, jet ski, or pwc at the sandy beach put your auger anchor in the shallow water rather that the dry beach.  Enjoy!

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How to anchor a boat in the sand or shallow water.

The best way to anchor a boat in the shallow water is to use a sand auger.  Most throw-out styles anchors won't find anything firm to hold onto in the sand.  These offer amazing holding power and stability when compare with with anchors that lay on surface.  With an auger you can reach far enough down into the sand to get a firm grip to provide you with great holding power and stability.  An auger style anchor will act as a portable dock in the shallow water so your boat will stay put!

So next time you want to spend some time at the beach or sandbar use a one of these to make your time enjoyable!


Boat sand and shallow water anchor

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