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Sand Auger Anchor

If you are looking for the best sand auger anchor.  SandShark Products has the answer for you!   We have the best available products for your boat, jet ski, pontoon, tritoon, or waverunner.   You can now safely secure your watercraft in the sand, shallow water, or at the beach!  Here are a few of our top rated sand auger anchor.

The SandShark Anchor

Sandshark JR with Case

SandShark "Ultimate" Anchor

SandShark "Ultimate" Anchor

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Use a Boat or Jet Ski Sand Auger Anchor in the Water for Best Results.

We have found that when using a sand auger anchor for your boat or jet ski, it works better in the water than on the shore or beach.  The reason for this is because the moving water keeps the hole around the auger filled in.  For example, try to dig a hole a few feet into the water along a beach or shoreline.  It is impossible because the moving water keeps washing sand constantly into the hole.

When the augers are on the dry beach or shore, the hole created from placing the auger in is loose and not packed around the shaft.   When they are in the water, the water keeps the sand packed around the shaft and creates a "suction" on the auger and the shaft which is almost impossible to "pull-out".  When placed correctly an auger anchor will not be "pulled out" it will have to be "turned out".  This also keeps your watercraft away from the shore to prevent damage.  So better holding power and less damage!

The next time you parked your boat, jet ski, or pwc at the sandy beach put your auger anchor in the shallow water rather that the dry beach.  Enjoy!

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How to use JR-the Ultimate Jet Ski, and PWC Sand Anchor

Here are step by step instructions on using the JR-the Ultimate Jet Ski and PWC Sand Anchor. The JR will store at 18" in the front compartment of your watercraft and extend to 31" to set the auger deep for safe, strong and effective holding power.

Easy to use and easy to store; the JR is the most effective sand and shallow water anchor for jet skis, PWC's and waverunners.


The JR in storage mode.

Remove the Pins

Remove the auger and extension from the handle,

Insert extension and pin onto auger shaft.

Insert handle and pin onto extension.



Reverse instructions to put the JR back in storage mode.


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Lite Series

SandShark Lite Series Anchors

The new "Lite Series" of anchors provide strength and quality at an affordable price!  Offered in a variety of sizes to meet all of your anchoring needs. All 5/8" SandShark Lite Series anchors are recommended for all boats and watercraft less than 30' depending on conditions.  Different lengths are offered to accommodate anchoring in deeper water. These anchors are 100% stainless steel, with a lifetime warranty, and a 30-day money back guarantee! Insert our universal handle for all Lite Series Anchors and easily turn the anchor into the beach, shoreline, or shallow water water. No more worrying about your watercraft getting damaged, smashed, or being "taken out" with the tide.  Works in almost all sandy, soft, or rocky conditions.  Use with your Boat, Jet Ski, PWC, Pontoon, Tritoon, or any type of watercraft!

How to Use the SandShark Lite 36 Boat Sand & Shallow Water!

  Lite Series Anchors:Recommended Uses: * Boat, Pontoon, Tritoon * Jet Ski, PWC, Waverunner * Dinghy's, Power-House Boat * Short/Long Term Dock Post * Ground Stake, Kite Anchor * Beach, Sand, Shore Spike * Water Trampoline Stake

Click Here To Get Yours Today!

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New Boat, Jet Ski, and PWC sand auger anchors

Coming soon are our "lite" series of sand auger anchors for boats, jet skis, and PWC's.  This is a new and economical design made completely of stainless steel.  These will still be one of the best and most effective anchoring solutions on the market.  They will be offered in 4 different sizes ranging from 18"-48" for easy shallow water anchoring.  If you are in a couple feet of water, setting these anchors will be a breeze!

Better yet, the prices start out at $39!

We should have them available on the website around the first of April.

Thank You!

SandShark Products

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Use more than one SandShark for boats over 30′

I went to the local marina today to drop off a few Sand Shark Anchors for the upcoming sale. The guys there were busy surprisingly, lots of boaters in getting service work done, mostly houseboats. One of the customers saw me struggling to carry them in and helped me out thankfully. I handed him 3 of them... he kinda grunted and gave me a look, that's about 50 pounds of steel.

We started talking and he was pretty curious, he liked the idea and design, but thought the auger blades were kind of small. He asked if I thought the anchor would hold his 40 foot houseboat on mostly a sandy bottom, off an island on the lake with a small little beach for docking. He mentioned it's a pain every time they go out, and needs to constantly watching his pvc spikes and anchor lines tied on shore to make sure they don't get pulled out. I told him two Sand Shark Anchors would hold his boat in place with no trouble, usually I recommend 1 Anchor for a 30ft boat and 1 extra anchor for every 15ft of boat after that. A lot depends on the water conditions too, but in his case it wasn't an issue.

We went out to the docking ramp near some shallow water and I let him auger one down into the clay and and sand bottom near the water on the shoreline. He flipped out the handles and cranked it down to about a foot and half pretty easily. I told him to stop there and try to pull it out. He gave it a couple big tugs, then laughed saying, "Well I doubted the auger blade size, but I probably should have known better... you seem to be selling quite a few of these and they're heavy duty. I've seen these around and never imagined they were this solid." I told him that he wasn't the first to doubt it, most people look shocked when they first hold one, commenting on the weight. I'm always more than happy in letting people try out the Sand Shark for the first time and auger it down, then try to pull it out, gets them every time!

On the Beach of Lake MichiganStainless Steel AugerStainless Steel Auger Shaft

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How to keep your anchors from being pulled-out.

Put an auger anchor just into the water.  Not on the dry shore, but far enough in the water to keep the bottom of the auger covered with water.  With beach spikes in the sand, there is not a natural way to keep sand packed around the shaft, plus there is no "pull-out prevention" like an auger blade.  When an auger anchor is in the water, the water will keep the sand packed around the shaft and blade, this keeps the anchor firmly in place.

The water weight applies downward pressure onto the sand.  This creates an air tight suction which also keeps the anchor in place.  You will find that with the SandShark Anchor, you will not be pulling them out.  You will have to "unscrew" it out of the sand.  With the SandShark you have a 1" solid shaft with a 4" blade planted into the bottom.  Your kids won't be pulling that out!

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How to use your SandShark Anchor

To position the SandShark:

  1. Remove from case and extend to desired length.
  2. Hand- tighten the center knob clockwise.*
  3. Rotate handles 180 degrees.  Extend the handles so that you can apply downward pressure without the  handles folding down.
  4. Pick a spot 2-5' away from boat.  Auger clockwise into the ground until a firm base is established.  This may take several revolutions.  Auger to a depth where a firm base is established (Approximately 1-3').
  5. After auger obtains a firm base, extend or lower the anchor using the center knob and re-tighten.  The optimum position is to have the handles at or above water level,  if this is not possible fully extend to maximum length.*
  6. Secure to boat and enjoy your time worry-free!  The SandShark will keep the waves from beaching your boat!

To remove the SandShark:

  1. Release the anchor from the boat.
  2. Fold the handles upwards, rotate handles 180 degrees, then fold upwards so you can apply upward pressure to the SandShark.
  3. Turn the handles counter-clockwise while applying upward pressure. This may take several revolutions.
  4. After the auger is released from the bottom, rinse away any excess sand and grit.
  5. Rotate handles 180 degrees, then fold down
  6. Loosen center knob, collapse the anchor, and re-tighten the center knob*
  7. Place in desired storage location.

*please note -- Always re-tighten the center knob.

*please noteThe SandShark will work even if completely submerged in the water.


Attach one SandShark to the front of the boat and one SandShark at the rear of the to prevent side-to-side swaying.

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SandShark Anchor

SandShark Ultimate sand anchor pole

The Ultimate Stainless Steel Portable Auger Anchoring System for Shore and Shallow Water Docking

Features and Specifications:

  • Easily Extends, 5'ft. or 62.5" inches Fully Extended
  • Lifetime Warranty, Top Quality and Built to Last
  • Quality Built and Solid Construction, Weighs 12.2 lbs
  • 1" inches Solid Stainless Steel Auger Shaft w/4'' Blade
  • 1.5" inches Anodized Aluminum Housing Tube
  • Stainless Steel Collapsible Handle Crank
  • Handle Crank Wingspan Fully Extended 16" inches, Collapsed 4" inches
  • Stainless Steel Handle Insert, Rope Eyelet, Screws, and Pins
  • Portable, only 39" inches Completely Folded and Collapsed
  • Constructed using Stainless Steel w/Anodized Aluminum Housing
  • Tie-Off on the shore, land, beach, gravel, or shallow water
  • High Corrosion Resistance

SandShark Anchor Prices and Order Online!

Lifetime Warranty Information

If anything goes wrong, relax! Just ship us the broken or worn out part and upon receipt we will ship out a replacement within 24 hours. Lifetime guarantee applies to mechanical workings and structural integrity of the SandShark when used as recommended under normal conditions. Non-U.S. customers are responsible for all shipping charges.
30 day 100% money back guarantee
30 day 100% money back guarantee. We know we've made a lot of claims and we stand behind them all!  What better way to back them up than give you 30 days to look at the SandShark and see how it compares. If you find that we fall short on performance, craftsmanship or quality, send it back. Upon receipt you will be given a full refund for the purchase price of the SandShark Anchor product. No returns will be accepted without a return authorization number. You can call or email SandShark Products to obtain your RA#. All returns must be packaged carefully as when received and returned in the original box. The returned item(s) must be insured for the purchase value of the contents. All shipping cost associated with the return is at the responsibility of the customer. All items must be returned in resell-able condition to receive a full purchase price refund.

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