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Amazing Product this is well constructed and quality that is built for many years of use. It took me less than 2 minutes to set and and forget it no problem at all holding my jet ski and keeping it off the sand bar. This is well constructed and something that will pay for it self by the prevention of hull damage from the beach and other skis and boats. Held my Seadoo(3 person) in place in 1.5 ft waves amazing. Everyone else's anchors kept getting jerked loose and they kept having to readjust and I just relaxed and enjoyed myself :).


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We here at SandShark Products are introducing one of our most innovative products yet!  The new SANDSHARK Z.  We have designed a beach, sand,
SandShark Z

SandShark Z

spike anchor that provides superior holding power for your boat, jet ski, or pontoon. This exclusive patent pending design provides:
  1. A built in handle to easily turn into the sand level to ground
  2. Tie-Off for the most effective "Holding Power" on the Beach!
  3. Patent Pending Design stops the Beach Anchor from falling over and pulling out!
  4. The "Pulling Force" is transferred deep into the sand for Maximum Staying Power!
  One of the most common problems with anchoring on the beach is anchor "Pull Out".  The innovative design of the SANDSHARK Z provides you with the best "Holding Power" available on the beach and sand!  Works for your boat, jet ski, pwc, pontoon, or anytime you need a solid beach, sand, spike, anchor! As always with SandShark Products you get great products, money back guarantee, and lifetime warranty.  You will not be disappointed with the new SANDSHARK Z.  The best anchor for your beach, sand, shore, spike needs!





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