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Duane, I used the sandshark anchor for the first time here at torch lake. It works fantastic, great product.
A lot of people asked me about it as there pvc stick anchor versions failed and were getting pulled out. Most people reacted negatively when they asked me about the cost. I responded with "Aint nothing about boating cheap" thought I would pass that on to you. Thanks again!

Rob Caro

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Dock Lines

What they do

Dock lines secure your boat to a SandShark Anchor or another dock either temporarily or semi-permanently.  This is very useful when spending afternoons at sandbars or beaches where permanent docks are not available.

How they work

When your boat is away from its regular slip or mooring, you need to have some designated nylon lines aboard, preferably with spliced eyes, ready for use when you tie up somewhere. We call these transient dock lines. The eye in the end is easily passed over the SandShark Anchor.  You can then turn the anchor into the ground without the rope twisting around the anchor when it is turning.  The bitter end is adjusted on board the boat or jet ski.  There are dozens of combinations of diameters and lengths but we recommend a minimum size of dock lines of 3/8″ x 15′ for jet ski’s or boats.

Why Nylon?

Dock lines should be made from nylon, which has a superior combination of strength and stretch. Both three-strand and braided construction are common. Three-strand stretches more, is very abrasion- and snag-resistant and less expensive. Braided nylon is stronger, comes in colors, and has a nice feel or “hand”.

Dock Line Recommendations for SandShark Anchors

  1. 3/8″ x 15′ for SandShark JR or Lite Series for Jet Ski’s and PWC’s  (minimum 15′ length)
  2. 3/8″ or 1/2″ diameters for Ultimate or Lite Series Boat Anchors  (minimum 15′ length)
  • 3/8″ up to 22′ of Boat Length
  • 1/2″ up to 30′ of Boat Length

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