Use a Boat or Jet Ski Sand Auger Anchor in the Water for Best Results.

We have found that when using a sand auger anchor for your boat or jet ski, it works better in the water than on the shore or beach.  The reason for this is because the moving water keeps the hole around the auger filled in.  For example, try to dig a hole a few feet into the water along a beach or shoreline.  It is impossible because the moving water keeps washing sand constantly into the hole.

When the augers are on the dry beach or shore, the hole created from placing the auger in is loose and not packed around the shaft.   When they are in the water, the water keeps the sand packed around the shaft and creates a "suction" on the auger and the shaft which is almost impossible to "pull-out".  When placed correctly an auger anchor will not be "pulled out" it will have to be "turned out".  This also keeps your watercraft away from the shore to prevent damage.  So better holding power and less damage!

The next time you parked your boat, jet ski, or pwc at the sandy beach put your auger anchor in the shallow water rather that the dry beach.  Enjoy!

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