How to use your SandShark Anchor

To position the SandShark:

  1. Remove from case and extend to desired length.
  2. Hand- tighten the center knob clockwise.*
  3. Rotate handles 180 degrees.  Extend the handles so that you can apply downward pressure without the  handles folding down.
  4. Pick a spot 2-5' away from boat.  Auger clockwise into the ground until a firm base is established.  This may take several revolutions.  Auger to a depth where a firm base is established (Approximately 1-3').
  5. After auger obtains a firm base, extend or lower the anchor using the center knob and re-tighten.  The optimum position is to have the handles at or above water level,  if this is not possible fully extend to maximum length.*
  6. Secure to boat and enjoy your time worry-free!  The SandShark will keep the waves from beaching your boat!

To remove the SandShark:

  1. Release the anchor from the boat.
  2. Fold the handles upwards, rotate handles 180 degrees, then fold upwards so you can apply upward pressure to the SandShark.
  3. Turn the handles counter-clockwise while applying upward pressure. This may take several revolutions.
  4. After the auger is released from the bottom, rinse away any excess sand and grit.
  5. Rotate handles 180 degrees, then fold down
  6. Loosen center knob, collapse the anchor, and re-tighten the center knob*
  7. Place in desired storage location.

*please note -- Always re-tighten the center knob.

*please noteThe SandShark will work even if completely submerged in the water.


Attach one SandShark to the front of the boat and one SandShark at the rear of the to prevent side-to-side swaying.

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