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Duane, got my sandshark anchor today and I'm blown away man.

I was a bit concerned with ordering something like this for my boat over the internet especially for $300 bucks, because I have ordered stuff before and was disappointed when it arrived. Its hard to really get a good feel of any product from just pictures and descriptions.

Pictures don't do this thing justice though. I could tell it was solid and built well from the specs and photos of it, but when you first pick it up you know right away its built right and heavy duty. The steel shaft is thick and I was worried about the aluminum housing thinking it might give or crack, but its over a 1/4 inch thick... lol airplanes don't use aluminum that thick!

Thanks again for your help and talking to me about it and great job on building one kick-ass boat anchor. I'll be sending you some picks of the sandbar island on our next houseboat rally, you'll be getting some more orders then for sure everyone there want one of these. If you ever get down to Houston give me a shout.
Later - Roland

Roland Michaels

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How to anchor a boat in the sand or shallow water.

The best way to anchor a boat in the shallow water is to use a sand auger.  Most throw-out styles anchors won't find anything firm to hold onto in the sand.  These offer amazing holding power and stability when compare with with anchors that lay on surface.  With an auger you can reach far enough down into the sand to get a firm grip to provide you with great holding power and stability.  An auger style anchor will act as a portable dock in the shallow water so your boat will stay put!

So next time you want to spend some time at the beach or sandbar use a one of these to make your time enjoyable!


Boat sand and shallow water anchor

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