How to Anchor a Boat in Sand?

To anchor a boat in sand, you need to have beach anchor and an anchor line. Begin by tying the end of the road to the boat and then tie the opposite end of the line to the beach anchor. Next, drive the boat to the shore line and twist the beach anchor into the sand as farther on the dry land as possible to allow the boat be more stable and firm.
The reason the SandShark Anchor is so effective at anchoring in sandbar and beach locations is because we  use a different anchoring concept. Traditional anchors are not effective for anchoring in tight shorelines, shallow water, or beach locations. If you’ve ever tried, then you probably know your boat is  either going to get beached or start drifting. The SandShark allows you to auger down into a solid footing using it’s stainless steel handle cranks and 5′ foot extension shaft with 4″ inch auger blades. Docking on the shoreline, shallow water, and in footing like gravel, muck, clay, shore, or sand is made easy with the SandShark!
SandShark JR

SandShark JR


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