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SandShark Jr. Update (Jet Ski version)

Still waiting on the final quotes for the SandShark Jr.. I have the prototype, just waiting to begin manufacturing.  I was hoping to make the summer season in the US, but am unsure now.  My best estimate is around September.  We made a few design changes and I have to say it is really cool!  There is not anything on the market this cool or effective for jet-skis.  It fits in the front compartment of most jet-skis.  We have had alot of request for this item because there are not may alternatives currently on the market.  Especially ones that are effective at holding the jet-ski in place.  We believe this will be a very "hot product" when it is released!  Please leave you information if you would like us contact you when this becomes available.   Thanks

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Lake Michigan Testing

Did some testing this weekend at Lake Michigan near New Buffalo, MI and the SandShark passed with flying colors! Decided to set the SandShark near the beach.  It was pretty rough, waves were  3' plus.  The bottom was real sandy so I was concerned about getting a firm surface to grip into.  I set the SandShark in pretty deep, about 2 to 2 1/2' because it was so rough.  I had about a 21' boat.  The boat was barrel rolling with the front slapping up and down,  waves were turning into white caps as they were coming on the beach and  THE BOAT DIDN'T MOVE!  This anchor will keep a boat under 30' in really choppy conditions in the same place without any problem.  I am going take some videos on Lake Michigan soon and post for everyone.  Definitely want to go back there, it was our first trip there and it is BEAUTIFUL!  Thanks.

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Come see us!

We will be at Port O Blarney and Blarney Island Saturday June 12 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm for the "Funonthefox" boat show. This is at the Chain of Lakes in Antioch, IL. We will have the SandShark anchor available for purchase and demo. The weather is supposed to be great! We are excited to see the Chain O Lakes area, we heard is a great place to boat with a huge sandbar and lots of fun. Thanks

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Distributors Wanted

We are currently in the process of setting up distributors throughout the US.  Exclusive territories are available.  Please contact us for more information.  Thank You!

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SandShark Jr. Coming Soon!

Getting closer to the debut of the SandShark Jr.  The SandShark Jr. is smaller version of the SandShark to fit in most storage compartments of Jet-Skis and PWC.  The SandShark Jr. has all the functions and features of the SandShark.  It will also be a smaller more compact version for beach anchoring for boats and dingys.  Look for more information coming soon.  Thanks!

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Fort Wayne, IN Boat Show 2010

The Fort Wayne, IN Boat Show was a huge success!  Boating enthusiasts have been searching a long time for a anchor like this that actually "works" at holding their boat at the beach or sandbar.  Looks like summer is going to be really busy at SandShark Products.  Customers were really excited about the SandShark Jr. coming in April. I did not realize how big the sandbar is at Lake James, IN .  People were telling us there is sometimes 500 boats at the sandbar.  WoW!  Sounds like a really great time!  We met some of the nicest people at this boat show.  I hope to make it over to Lake James, IN some time this summer. Here are a few pics of our booth

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About SandShark Products, Inc.

SandShark Products is the developer of the SandShark Anchor.  We started in 2009 to produce the best beach and sandbar anchor available.  Our website is .  We are continuing to develop new products to meet the needs of our customers.  The latest product due out in April 2010 is the SandShark Jr.  designed specifically for PWC and beach anchoring.  Thank you and feel free to comment on the product and the concept.  We will continue to post news and article relating to sandbar and beach anchoring.  We also would like to hear from you regarding your boating experiences.  Thanks and enjoy the summers at the lake or beach! The SandShark Anchor

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